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Tai Chi

I teach Yang style tai chi, qigong and push hands. All classes are on a one-on-one basis. I gave up group classes as I feel the students need more instruction than they get in a group class situation.

Depending upon the student and thier needs I teach Bejing 24 movement form, Cheng Man-ching short form (43 movement), Yang Family Style long form (103 movement) and Tchoung Ta-tchen Double Symetrical form as well as qigong and push hands.

In 2016 all classes are on Tuesdays. Class rates are $40 per month for one hour of instuction per week (i.e. 4 - 5 classes). If you are interested please call to schedule a free trial class.

If you are more interested in group classes you can find them at the Bend Senior Center (24 movement form) or through Master Chen at Oregon Tai Chi Wushu on Highway 20.