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Eagle Box and Table

This started out as a carving exercise. I saw an Art Deco table that had a support in the shape of birds wings and liked the look of the wings. I decided to make a box with the wings on the sides. Then the front looked plain so I looked around at Art Deco buildings and on the cornices of the Chrysler Building in Chicago there was an eagle head standing out. So I carved that on the front. I now had a large heavy box with no top and nowhere to put handles to pick it up. So I built a table out of Cherry to hold the box. Now the table was to plain so I inlaid a tree branch using standing proud of the surface and carved it. Now for a top. I tried several designs and things were getting to busy so I elected to go with a simple frame and panel top using the same wood as the stand. Then I needed to be able to put things into the box without them getting lost so I build a series of removeable trays.

Table size: 17 wide x 30 high x 11-1/2 deep

Box size: 15 wide x 8 high x 10 deep